K4L As Heard In Texas

From the mailbag:[dual]

(KC5PKX) Spoke with K4L working portable/battery during the contest this morning, thought he may like to hear his station from this end in the piney woods of east Texas.[single]

Me and my son spent the morning operating portable in the woods at our family ranch in East Texas.  We were using a new lightweight dipole that I made for backpacking. [dual]

Fixed stations in mobile window

Not naming names, but as a mobile station in the FQP, found ourselves encountering some 1×1 stations operating in the 20m mobile window a few times. …I’m just sayin’.[single]

Otherwise, a spectacular weekend, and tnx to everyone for all the Qsos.[single]

73, George, K4KG/m[single]

Great mobile action !

Wanted to say thanks for an always FB F-QP guys. The mobile guys really have ears. Most of the weekend the mobiles never moved the meter until the last hour (both days)[single]
Well done I say ![single]

dit dit[single]

Mike VE9AA “5NN NB”[single]

QSO with W4U

From the email form:

CW, 20 meters, 2151 UTC, running 1 watt to a dipole here in NC. FB OP on your end!![dual]

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG[single]
Greensboro, NC FM06be[single]
SKCC #16439 FISTS #17972[single]



Posted by NK4DX on Saturday, April 29, 2017