We’ve gone to downloadable certificates. Click on the links below to download your certificate (if eligible). Our older 2015 and 2016 certificates are offline to save disk space on our server. If you need to download your older certificate then use the CONTACT FORM to make your request.

The list below is a list of the certificate files online for the 2017 Florida QSO Party. You may find your call in more than one list as there are certificates for sweeping the FLORIDA SUN 1X1 stations, and more. Below the certificate links you will find the 2016 Certificates and the 2015 Certificates which have been recently (April 2017) reworked.
(You will need a PDF app to open and print these certificates. Something on the order of Adobe Reader)

2017 Sweeper List & Certificate Download Links

QRX –2017 Certificates

QRX –2017 Mobile Certificates

QRX –2017 1×1 Station Certificates