FQP Spelling Bee

The Fun-Filled FQP Spelling Bee Special Event – Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29 2018

Florida QSO Party
21st Anniversary Special Event Award- 2018 FQP Spelling Bee! 
Less than a week after the end of the 2016 FQP, Ron Wetjen WD4AHZ, who had been a 10+ year FCG officer and prolific FQP operator, lost a courageous battle with cancer. We dedicate our 2018 FQP Spelling Bee to Ron’s memory.  We will have a total of nine 1x1s stations, 1 per letter, to spell WD FOUR AHZ.  All these stations will be on both modes and should be very accessible.  Please see the list of these 1×1’s stations below.

A reminder for Home stations (both in and outside Florida), please do not call CQ or "run" stations in the "Mobile window". This window is for mobile stations only. Home stations operate above or below the "Mobile window". Frequencies to avoid, are:

CW 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHZ - SSB: 7.230-7.240, 14.265-14.275

    County list: PDF