FQP Spelling Bee

The Fun-Filled FQP Spelling Bee Special Event – Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29 2018

20th Anniversary Special Event Award- 2017 FQP Spelling Bee! In honor of our 20th year we will have a record 20 1x1s stations, 2 per letter, to spell FLORIDA SUN. Contact at least 10 of these official 1×1 stations whose suffixes spell “FLORIDA SUN” to earn this award. You must work each letter of FLORIDA SUN, not a random 10 out of the 20. They must spell out the phrase FLORIDA SUN.

In regards to the number of stations for this QSO Party there will be 2 stations operating for each of the letters at all times. This doesn’t mean they will all be operating on one mode nor does it mean all 20 stations will be active on both modes. The objective is to collect enough contacts to spell out FLORIDA SUN.

A reminder for Home stations (both in and outside Florida), please do not call CQ or "run" stations in the "Mobile window". This window is for mobile stations only. Home stations operate above or below the "Mobile window". Frequencies to avoid, are:

CW 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHZ - SSB: 7.230-7.240, 14.265-14.275 - Updated 19.04.2017


  • K4F    PAL    W4UH
  • W4F    HIG    K4LQ

  • K4L    ORA    N4WW
  • W4L    ORA    K5AUP

  • K4O    SAR    W4TAA
  • W4O    LAK    WO4O

  • K4R    BRO    N4BP
  • W4R    HER    WV4R

  • K4I    ALC    N4UU
  • W4I    HIL    W4LT

  • K4D    SUW    N4SVC
  • W4D    LAK    KT4Q

  • K4A    BRA    N4KE
  • W4A    BRE    W4MLB

  • K4S    PAL    K4LM
  • W4S    PIN    W4TA

  • K4U    BAY    NF4A
  • W4U    SAR    WX4G

  • K4N    MTE    K1TO
  • W4N    ESC    N4OX
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