FQP Spelling Bee

The Fun-Filled FQP Spelling Bee Special Event – [party_dates][dual]

Florida QSO Party

21st Anniversary Special Event Award- 2018 FQP Spelling Bee! 
Less than a week after the end of the 2016 FQP, Ron Wetjen WD4AHZ, who had been a 10+ year FCG officer and prolific FQP operator, lost a courageous battle with cancer. We dedicate our 2018 FQP Spelling Bee to Ron’s memory.  We will have a total of nine 1x1s stations, 1 per letter, to spell WD FOUR AHZ.  All these stations will be on both modes and should be very accessible.  Please see the list of these 1×1’s stations below.


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County list: PDF