2016 Soapbox

AC2QH – I would have worked more CW stations, but some of the code was so fast it defied my abilities. Serious contesters should remember that speed is only one factor of quantity. Plus, some fists were sloppy.

AJ4XM – KX3 and BuddiPole at 15ft from 3 ft ASL

CT7AIX – Icom IC-718 100W, Homemade Multiband Dipole

DL3DXX – It was the weekend of DF0SAX – my local radio club’s spring party with lots of old friends and participants. For me as the host, it would have been very unfriendly to work the FQP instead of serving our guests. We had an interesting program, including the recent South Sandwich and South Georgia DXpedition presentation, given by team member Axel, DL6KVA. The last guests went home Sunday noon. Now it was time to join at least the second part of the FQP. Propagation was poor on 20m early afternoon but increased in the evening and lasted nearly up to the end. 15m allowed a few contacts but not as much as expected. Never tried 10m.
It seems there was good skip inside the US between Florida and the northern states. Every QSO with a mobile was an intense struggle to compete with the US callers and often I was beaten by many US stations which in other QSO parties I typically have no problem to outperform.  I was wondering if it would be possible to work all counties only on Sunday. It could have been but I missed the last county OKA by NO5W where I simply could not break the huge US pileup while the band was going to close and I lost NO5W into the noise.
What a nice party! Thanks to the organizers and all participants – especially the mobiles for their tremendous efforts working down the pileups.
Will be back next year – hopefully both parts.

– FT2000, 400w, wire loop and dipole.

– A Russian contest on Saturday made life difficult.

– Elecraft K3 100 watts, Force-12 C4S

– Great fun this year. I got my first county sweep on CW. Thanks for all contacts. As always, the mobiles are the lifeblood of this great QSO party.

– Very poor band conditions at my QTH. Heard 8 stations on Sunday that I didn’t work on Saturday but only 2 of them could hear me. Thank you for putting on the contest.

All kids 8-13 years old.

– SkookumLogger K3 2000A tribander wires

K2NPN – Great Fun…Good Condx—Thank you Florida!

K2NV/VE3 – Worked from sailboat on cradle N-O-L Ontario

K2YGM – Conditions were less than optimum here.  However, the excellent operators on the other end were able to pull me out of the noise.  Looking forward to the next one.

K3TW – Disturbed band conditions this year made it a real challenge for my QRP operation especially with my simple wire dipole antennas.  Yet it was great fun, as usual.  Many thanks to the mobile stations and to all those outside Florida who participated once again this year.

K4CC – First foray into contesting by W4BCI Club. A great learning contest. Fun Fun Fun!

K4GSO – Started on time, but quickly developed problems. Found out the power supply was too small for the load on an IC-7200. After that problem was fixed (some 8 hours into the contest) it was time to close up for the day. I operated in the middle of a field where our club stations are located, but operated solely on a generator, away from the bldg. Although no one else operated except me in the FQP, there were others out there and we made it into a club picnic. We had a good time and that’s all that matters.

K4SBZ – Missed WAS by one (Hawaii). Worked two KH6s but they were both stateside

. K4U – Band conditions were better on Saturday. Several times on Sunday noise covered all signals — I assume from a flare. Lost about 2 hours operating time due to the bands being dead. Worked K9PG and N4PN on all band and mode slots. More people should have tried 10 meters — it was open part of the contest. Mobiles make this contest. I was just window dressing with the fancy 1X1 call.  Participation seemed to be better than average. I’m sure Jim White, K4OJ was enjoying watching and listening to the FQP from his vantage point above. We miss you buddy !!

K4VBM – Enjoyed my 1st FQP Contest!

K4WLG – Thanks for contacts! Goodluck and 73!!!

K5TU – Testing new 6 el yagi @ 108 ft. Maybe a little tall for this contest.

K6KQV – Very nice QSO Party. I wish conditions would have been better to the West Coast, but maybe next year they will be.

K8IR – Wasn’t even planning to do the contest…for some reason thought it was last weekend. But saw an email, checked the bands and K4OJ was S9+10, two hours into the contest. So set up the computer and were on our way. Very good conditions Saturday. Sunday was not so good, until the last 90 minutes. Got the Sweep from K4OJ/STL at 1956 Sunday.

K8MR – Next year from Florida!

K9GDF – Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.

K9UIY – Many thanks to all the mobiles — you made this happen again!  And extra thanks to all for copying my little 5 watt signal — good ears guys.  C U again next year!

KB5DRJ – Fun. Dabbled with CW a bit.

KD8UQN – With band conditions not very good, still had a good time.

KE9V – Quick in and out. Band not great but great ops in Florida – managed the SUN sweep!

KF4QFJ – I enjoyed working Florida stations during the QSO party. I targeted 20-30 counties, but it wasn’t in the cards.

KF5WYSI am 13 years old and recently upgraded to General. I am also new to CW but enjoyed the little operating opportunity I had working this mode. I used FLDIGI to help me copy the code and programmed my radio to send exchanges. It was fun operating and hope to get better by Field Day.

KJ9C – Don’t forget the Indiana QSO party first Saturday in May

KN4Y – Rolling, Keying, Rolling, Keying — the best way to enjoy the greatest QSO party ever.

KV4QS – FT-897 and stealth 40m Delta Loop.  My first QP/Contest in about a year and a half.  Conditions were challenging. S9 noise level on 15m due to what I am assuming is a local noise source makes this band unusable for me, unfortunately. Many thanks to all of the callers.



N3JV – Fun contest with lots of activity on 20M! Antenna restricted area which makes it rather challenging.

N4PN – Was using 9A5K-DXnet and it crashed at 2155z…

N8II – I sent out spots to help the mobiles, but did not use any spots/RBN.


NC6K – First “full” contest with my new tower and SteppIR DB36.  Huge difference from the inverted V, and really enjoyed it.  Conditions were a bit weird – QSB was subtle, but very deep, on 15 and 20 meters. 10 didn’t open at all to Florida, but with all the rovers/county line stations, was able to work all but six counties. Not bad from CA!

NT4Z – Great contest. Thanks to those who worked to make this a successful event!

NU0T – Lots of fun!!!

PG2AA – Missed the condx on 15m from last year, but had fun hunting FL. Signals often went down in QSB. See you next year!

VA3FS – Decided to do QRP this time around and had a blast doing it.  Just 16 contacts but worth it.

VE3DQN – Lots of activity. First time (I think) I’ve ventured into the FLQP. Wish I could have been on for hours.

VE3KZ – After last year’s fun with QRP and the loss of my 20m yagi in a wind storm, it was time to revert to HP CW as I did in 2006. Added a clobbered together 20m quarter wave vertical to provide the means for a sweep. Using an omni on 20m was different! Mobile signals weren’t strong but I could sure hear all the calling stations!  The number of Q’s on 15m under marginal conditions shows what a Yagi can do. Need one of those on 20m again. Again the skill of those familiar ops in the mobiles is outstanding. Thanks for all your patience!

W0YJT – I wish I had more time this week end 73 John

W1END – Good conditions and lots of activity. Missed sweep by one again this year. FTDX5000, Butternut HF6V all-band vertical.

W4ANT – Appreciate everyone who visited and re-visited 40 meters toward late afternoon

W4KPG – Didn’t operate long, woke up with a sore throat and just didn’t feel good.

W4QO – Short time; much fun! W4S – Attempted to work all 4 bands on Phone but 10M was dead.  40M and 15M were very slow when I attempted to work them. 90% of my contacts were on 20M which was fantastic the whole 20 hours.  Very little atmospheric noice.  Worked several EU, AS and JA stations.  Missed DC, YT, and HI Sections for a clean FQP Sweep.  FT-1000MP Mark-V, AL-572 at 1200w, X7 Tri at 60′, Carolina Windom 80 at 40′, WriteLog 10.25C

W4UTX – Bands were in rough shape from weather.

W6OUL – Condx Stunk…

W8JPF – Lots of activity – love when a bunch of stations are on the air.

W8KNO – This was the year, finally worked the counties I do not have confirmed.

WA8MEA – Thanks for shortening the “Spelling Bee” from “Orange” to “Sun” because the prop was rough on 20 meters.

WB0PYF – Had fun with my new K3, tu 73

WF3T – Wow! First real contest effort in 15 years. New QTH, Lots of computer crashes (50 watts on 40m was all I could run) and lots of fun! Thanks!

WO9B – Worked off and on over the weekend.  20 meters was the money band.  Not much on 40 or 15…ah well.  QRP is a lot of fun to work and always a surprise to see the SSB contacts get tallied.  Prop on 20 was a bit weak so mobiles were tough to work.  I could hear them but was amazed when they came back.  They did a great job.  Very nice.