W4I Ops schedule

Hi FQP people:

I will be operating W4I from my home station in Tampa — Hillsborough county (HIL) — for the entirety of the FQP, or as much as I can muster.[single]

I want to give as many folks as possible the opportunity to spell F L O R *I* D A S U N, so here are some clues about how I plan to operate.[single]

My station performs best on the high bands (20-15-10), so, at the start of the contest, I will look to see what the highest possible operating band is, first on CW. If I see RBW spots coming back that there is propagation on, for example, 10m, I will stay there and call CQ on CW. If I get a reasonable amount of responses, no less than 30 minutes later, I will QSY to SSB. This “pattern” will be in effect as I work down the bands from the highest open band I find. CW first — then SSB.[single]

To give all a chance at the letter *I*, I will attempt to keep both modes as equal as possible. I will QSY between SSB and CW at least every other hour, depending on how busy my QRG is. So if you missed me on CW at 2pm, look for me on CW at 4pm. I also promise to keep CW speeds down below 30wpm as requested by some posters.[single]

Note that I may be using a voice keyer on SSB in some QSO’s due to a sore throat this week. I apologize in advance for the robotic sound, but its better than no SSB from me.[single]

Especially on the higher bands, if we find them open, don’t be shy to ask me to QSY to a different mode. I will try to accommodate as many mode QSY’s as I can, but if I’m in a good run, I will more than likely decline. Remember the paragraph above! You will find me on the different mode at the hour crossover.[single]

Lastly, I have set memories for mode QSY on my second VFO to quickly move to another QRG, give you the mode/band mult, and return to my run frequency. When you move me from mode to mode, I will suggest the frequency to move to… It will be a very high one for the mode to preclude possible QRM and speed the multiplier, so listen for my frequency suggestion and be ready to quickly tune to it: Doing it this way makes is much simpler for me to mode QSY and return to my run QRG, so in the interest of time, lets do it this way.[single]

Due to my station set up, on 40 meters in the evening/night, I will concentrate on CW operations, however, I am always available for a CW to SSB QSY if you need it (and vice versa) so don’t be afraid to ask![single]

I look forward to working as many of you as I can hear and can hear me. Lets make this FQP the best one yet![single]

Best 73 from Hillsborough County![single]

Lu Romero – W4LT (your *W4I* FQP Host)[single]

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