Worked All Florida Award

Worked All Florida Award

To qualify for this award one must work all 67 counties beginning January 1, 2000, any mode, any band, no repeater contacts.[dual]

The award has the following band/mode endorsements:[dual]

MODES:  MIXED       SSB      CW      DIGITAL    [dual]

10    12    15    17    20    30    40    80    160    VHF    UHF[dual]

A special endorsement is available for working all 67 counties during a single FQP (Florida QSO Party). The cost is for domestic stations is $5. For DX stations the cost is $6 or 5 IRCs. QSLs are not required. GCR list* to: Charlie Wooten NF4A, 1709 New Hampshire Ave., Lynn Haven, FL 32444.[dual]


Download the Worked All Florida application here (PDF): WORKED ALL FLORIDA APPLICATION



*More on “General Certification Rule” can be found at this ARRL link.