About The Florida QSO Party

About The Florida QSO Party

The Florida QSO Party is the one event where you can work each of the 67 Florida counties in one weekend! Every county from Alachua to Washington will be activated at least once during the 20 hour Florida QSO Party.

I can’t think of a  better explanation of the Florida QSO Party than the following by Dan Street, K1TO Past President of the Florida Contest Group which sponsors the Florida QSO Party:

Ron, WD4AHZ(SK) and I traveled across the state to the Melbourne Hamfest in September 1996 and ’97.

During those trips, we noted the likely rarity of the inland counties and vowed to rejuvenate the Florida QSO Party (FQP). Using the Wetjen family chat room as the venue, we formed the rules and foundation, along with a few others. Ron was a huge supporter of the FQP, citing it as *the* best State QSO Party, and helping to make it so.

Thus, I had the privilege of appointing Ron as Vice President, FQP for the Florida Contest Group (FCG) circa 1998, a position that he held until last month (see below). Ron quietly and efficiently maintained the web sites and e-mail reflectors for both the FCG and FQP for all that time.

For the first revived FQP in 1998, Ron and I (along with AE4MH) hauled a small tribander and several tower sections around with us to rare counties.

Ron, WD4AHZ(SK) was the driving force behind the web sites for both the Florida Contest Group and the Florida QSO Party for many years. Ron passed away at the age of 55 on May the 9th of 2016 and will be missed by all who knew him.

If you’re new to county hunting then you can find more information here: United States of America Counties Award (USA-CA). If you’re interested in awards here is the link for the Worked All Florida award. The next Florida QSO Party takes place on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29 2018 .