The 2020 Florida QSO Party is being held 1600Z Apr 25 to 2159Z Apr 26

NOTE:  The mobile windows are suspended for 2020.  Please read below for important information.

23rd Anniversary Special Event Award- 2020 FQP Spelling Bee! 

We will have a total of 8 special 1×1 stations below whose suffixes spell “LOVEBUGS“. Contact all 8 of these 1×1 stations to earn this award. These stations will be on both modes full-time and should be very accessible. QSL these 1×1 calls active in FQP via KU9C direct or via bureau.
Don’t know what a LOVEBUG is?  Go here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovebug
The list of callsigns, hosts and counties are shown below:


N4L      N4OX      ESC
N4O     WO4O     LAK
N4V     NF4A       BAY
N4E     N1TO       IDR
N4B     N4BP       BRO
N4U     N4UU       ALC
N4G     K5KG      SAR
N4S     N6AR      ORA


On April 1st, Florida’s Governor DeSantis issued a “stay at home” mandate, effective for 30 days, a period that includes the FQP on April 25-26.  In order to comply, the FQP must sadly disallow Mobile and Expedition entries for the 2020 event.   Due to the various COVID-19 social distancing requirements, the FQP will temporarily allow for distributed multi-ops within the same “QTH” (County or State/ Province or DXCC) in the 2020 FQP.  You may use the same callsign from multiple stations within the same “QTH” if there is not a simultaneous transmission on the same band/mode.   For example, you can host 20 SSB and 40 SSB at different stations (with the same call sign) at the same time (or even 20 SSB and 20 CW) and enter Multi-Multi.  Just don’t have two stations on any band/mode at the same time.  (For example, don’t have two stations on 20 SSB at the same time.)  For Multi-Single, you can trade off and operate 20 SSB for one hour at one station and switch 20 CW to another station the next hour. **Please combine the logs into one Cabrillo file before submitting a single file per callsign (QSOs do not need to be in chronological order).      

Since the re-introduction of the Florida QSO Party to the contest scene in 1998, the Florida QSO Party has become one of the fastest growing and most popular State QSO Parties around today. This is due, in part, to the tremendous effort by the mobile teams to activate as many counties as they can in order to allow those participating from out-of-state, to achieve a county “Sweep” (working all 67 Florida Counties). Florida stations operating from home are also valuable, since that increases the chances that stations will work all counties!

Regardless if you are a serious or casual participant … from Florida, or from outside of Florida … the Florida QSO Party was designed to be a FUN operating event. Why not give it a try?