The 2018 FQP is now history and what a great time we had!

  More than 550 stations participated and the logs received represent about 120,000 QSO’s – wow!  Both 10m and 15m were just whispers but ops both out-of-state and in-state simply shifted the venue a bit more toward the lower bands and hardly missed a beat with great activity. All 67 Florida counties were on the air with plentiful fixed and mobile/portable stations activating many of them on both modes.  The nine 1x1s Special Event stations in remembrance of WD FOUR AHZ produced over 17,000 raw QSO’s.  Sweepers will be identified soon.   Hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to all of you who made this a party to remember.  

The 2019 Florida QSO Party will be held 1600Z Apr 27 to 2159Z Apr 28

The Party continues and you’re invited – be sure to mark your calendar and join in the fun – C U then!   73/OJ, The Florida Contest Group, FQP sponsor

Florida QSO Party

Since the re-introduction of the Florida QSO Party to the contest scene in 1998, the Florida QSO Party has become one of the fastest growing and most popular State QSO Parties around today. This is due, in part, to the tremendous effort by the mobile teams to activate as many counties as they can in order to allow those participating from out-of-state, to achieve a county “Sweep” (working all 67 Florida Counties). Florida stations operating from home are also valuable, since that increases the chances that stations will work all counties!

Regardless if you are a serious or casual participant … from Florida, or from outside of Florida … the Florida QSO Party was designed to be a FUN operating event. Why not give it a try?

A reminder for Home stations (both in and outside Florida), please do not call CQ or "run" stations in the "Mobile window". This window is for mobile stations only. Home stations operate above or below the "Mobile window". Frequencies to avoid, are:

CW 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHZ - SSB: 7.230-7.240, 14.265-14.275