Plaque Sponsors

Plaque Sponsors from 2019 to 2020

K9VVTop Florida Mixed Mode
K4JC NEWTop Florida CW Low Power (WD4AHZ Memorial)
W1YLTop Florida CW High Power (W1CW, K4OJ Memorial)
N4DLTop Florida SSB
K4FB NEWTop Florida QRP
Suwannee ARCTop Florida Single Operator Assisted
W4EETop Florida Rookie (Licensed under 3 years)
NV9LTop Florida YL
N4BP  Top Florida Multi-Single (K4PG Memorial)
K4JC NEWTop Florida Club Station
AD4ESFirst Florida Single Operator to Work All States
K8NZTop Florida Mobile No Driver
N4LZTop Florida Mobile Plus Driver
N4EEBTop Florida Mobile SSB
K4RX   Top Florida Mobile Multi-Single Mixed Mode
K1TOTop Florida Mobile Multi-Single CW (N4TO Memorial)
K1MM NEWTop Florida Mobile Multi-Transmitter
NX4TTTop Florida Expedition NEW
NF4A  Top Non-Florida Mixed Mode
W4WFTop Non-Florida CW (N4OO Memorial)
KT4PDTop Non-Florida SSB
NA4CWTop Non-Florida QRP
WA4OABTop Non-Florida Mixed Mode Assisted
K7BV NEWTop Non-Florida CW Assisted
PCARSTop Non-Florida Multi-Single
W4OZKTop Non-Florida School
W4LISTop Non-Florida YL
K4MVOTop Non-Florida Club Total (AA4HP Memorial)
ARASWF (Team Naples)Top Canada Mixed Mode (WB2QLP Memorial)
N4LZTop Canada CW
W4SO NEWTop Canada SSB
N4KS NEWTop Canada Assisted
N2NLTop DX Mixed Mode
KE1FTop Europe CW
W4DASTop Europe Single Operator Assisted
NX4NTop Caribbean, Central / South America
K3TW/SO5TWTop Score from Poland
K3TW/SO5TWPoland – 2 nd Place
K9ESFirst Station to Work All 67 Counties
K1TO   Largest Unassisted Golden Log (Zero Errors)
K5KGSpecial Achievement
K3LR & N2NTTop Score – Youth (under age 25) NEW

Plaque sponsorship is $40. If you, or your club, would like to sponsor an FQP Plaque, please contact Dan, K1TO.