Logging Software

If you are looking for a computer logging program, the programs below are known to support the Florida QSO Party. This is a generic list in regards to operating systems. You can investigate these links to see if their software can be used on your operating system. All links will take you off our site and will do so in a new window.

For stations that will be operating mobile in the FQP from multiple counties, consider how the logging software handles the change of the county abbreviation as you drive from one county to another.  Some of logging software handles this conveniently and easily, and others may not.

  • APRS – FLORIDA (when the site opens just enter the call of the station you’re looking for)
  • CQ/X – CQ/X de NO5W an amateur radio contest logging program.
  • – contest logging software by 9A5K.
  • GenLog – GenLog – VHFLOG – KMRover Contest Loggers.
  • LOGic – Ham radio logging software.
  • N1MM+ Logger – Contest logging software.
  • N3FJP – Complete package of logging and contest/QSO Party software (Inside FL log / Outside FL log)
  • NA – Software and Solutions for Amateur Radio Contesting.
  • NA Demo – a FREE demo version of NA.
  • TR – TR (4) Windows Contest Logger Based on DOS TRlog by N6TR, adapted to Windows API by UA4WLI.
  • SD – Contest logging software.
  • WriteLog – Contest logging software.

If you know of other programs supporting the Florida QSO Party, please let us know, so they can be included here.