QSL Cards

QSL-cards Since the Florida QSO Party has a shiny new web site I thought it might be nice to jazz it up a bit with some materials from the QSL card submissions. This is the base page so it’s the one that you should book mark. Check back often, you may see your own QSL posted here. Floyd, KK3Q QRZ.com Profile Florida QSO Party QSL Manager: KK3Q (QRZ address)

14 June 2016 Session

19 June 2016 Session

23 June 2016 Session

27 June 2016 Session

28 June 2016 Session

2 July 2016 Session

3 July 2016 Session

13 July 2016 Session

16 July 2016 Session

17 July 2016 Session

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