Antenna ready for FQP

Antenna has been reworked, finished the radials (62) last Saturday. Hope the bands are open this weekend.


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  1. FRANK says:

    Hey Floyd,

    That is one FINE looking antenna. Would be interested in reading additional description and specification info.

    Have fun in the FQP this weekend!

    – Frank ( K4EJ )

    1. KK3Q says:

      It’s a Zero Five antenna, one of the 43 footers that a lot of folks say don’t work. I finished putting the radials down last Saturday, 62 of them 33 feet longer each.

      I work mostly digital modes at 10 to 25 watts and have nearly 11000 digital contacts on the 05 and it’s 10 years old. That doesn’t count my SSB/CW contacts. It looks great now because when we moved to Sumter County I disassembled it cleaned everything and polished it with mag wheel polish.

      Performance-wise it is the best all around antenna I’ve owned. No, it isn’t a beam so there is a trade-off on the upper bands. But then I stay on 17 through 40 meters anyway. Lost everything when the hurricanes wen through Orlando so now I have an antenna I can fold over in 2 minutes. DX is pretty good on it, worked VP6DX on 17 band/mode contacts as well as other decent DX.

      They have several models including a monster one for 80 meters. One great thing about the 05, you don’t need any instruction sheets to assemble it. Slide a section 3 inches into the next section and clamp it. The radials are the key though, lots of guys try to get away from them but they are only cheating themselves.

      Here’s a link for them: Zero Five Antennas

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