FQP County Activations

FQP County Activations

The object of the Florida QSO Party is to activate each and every one of the 67 Florida counties.  The Florida QSO Party will be held on April 29th and April 30th, 2023. The pages below explain more about working the Florida QSO Party and the Florida counties themselves.

  • Saturday – Search for Florida based stations operating on Saturday here.
  • Sunday – Search for Florida based stations operating on Sunday here.
  • NO5W FQP Activity Map click here
  • County-By-County Activation’s – Click on county name or abbreviation for those activations (both days)
  • K0RC‘s FQP Excel workbook (poke around for a few other goodies)
  • K9TM‘s Reverse Beacon Network Node (K9TM-4)
  • Counties On The Air – The official list of Florida counties along with the 3-letter designators for each county. Please keep a copy of this listing nearby when you are operating. There is a link on this page where you can download a PDF file which you can print out for your operating position. Having the incorrect designators in your submitted logs will cause you to lose points.
  • Export routes to spreadsheet: SATURDAY.
  • Export routes to spreadsheet: SUNDAY.
Before you hit the road, be sure to check out the “QRQ Police“.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of these announced operations will be part-time efforts only. If YOUR county (or the county or counties you’re planning to operate from) is/are already listed, please don’t let that stop you from getting on the air anyway! Also note the mode’s being activated – someone may only be doing SSB or CW (or both) – so feel free to fill in any gaps you can.

A reminder for Home stations (both in and outside Florida), please do not call CQ or "run" stations in the "Mobile window". This window is for mobile stations only. Home stations operate above or below the "Mobile window". Frequencies to avoid, are:

CW 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHZ - SSB: 7.230-7.240, 14.265-14.275

Florida QSO Party