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Greetings from the K4KG/m team! George (K5KG) and I will be once again hitting the road this year as K4KG/m. A team goal will be to make it to ESC on Saturday night to operate from the only county in FL we haven’t yet activated. I wanted to mention to the out of state mixed mode and SSB only operators that we will QSY to SSB upon request and we do make an effort to do so from each county. Also, thanks to those domestic and DX stations who QSY to SSB for us although it often demands those stations scouring the shack for a microphone. These fine ops can often be found listed in the FQP results page under SSB check logs.
I haven’t seen any mention yet on the love bug situation so hopefully this is a good sign.
73, have lots of fun and be safe,

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  1. Gary Martinez says:

    You talked to my brother today kg6mh Rich. I was working the contest as well. I am n6uwq in California. California QSO party. The difference between Rich and myself is that I lived in Italy for 3 years, 73’s. Hope to be able to work your station Some day.

  2. I4VEQ says:

    Hi Jim
    hope to work you and George this year also on SSB . It very hard to find mobiles on ssb.
    Drive carefully and have a great fun.
    Good luck.
    73 de Claudio I4VEQ

    1. George K5KG says:

      Claudio, I4VEQ. Tnx for all the QSOs, especially those on SSB. You have an amazingly strong signal in the Sunshine State of FL.

      73, George, K5KG K4KG/m

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